We’ve recently learned about Volvo’s high-output four-cylinder T8 engine that will be powering the new XC90, as well as their 450hp triple-charged 2.0-litre engine that was co-developed with Volvo Polestar Racing and Denso.

Now, Volvo is taking their downsizing trend to the three-cylinder category as part of their pursuit and commitment for greener engines. This small 180hp, Euro7 compliant engine is developed alongside the brand’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) that will underpin the Swedish brand’s 60 Series cars in the future.


Volvo’s Senior Vice President of R&D, Dr Peter Mertens said, “The beauty of the new three-cylinder engine is that it can be built on the same production lines as our four-cylinder engine, offering flexible production potential which can be adapted to suit business needs as we grow. This marks an important step forward for Volvo Cars. In terms of our power and efficiency, Volvo’s engineering excellence will shine through with the Drive-E three-cylinder engine.”

So, fancy yourself a Volvo with a T3 badge?

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