Daimler crashes a smart fortwo into an S-Class [+Video]

Daimler claims that when it comes to safety, there should be no compromises to all the cars whether big or small. Thus their smart fortwo has been put into the same safety development programme as the new S-Class. The in-house crash test they conducted showcases the strength of smart fortwo’s tridion safety cell, by crashing it against an S-Class.


For comparison, the fortwo only weighs 1,124kg compared to the W222 S-Class that weighs 2,308kg.The test was regulated at the speed of 50 km/h, head-on with half of the car overlapping each other.

Find out more about the new smart fortwo here.

As you can see from the video, the tridion cell is pretty much still in shape after colliding with the S-Class. With the combination of front airbags for each occupants and knee airbag for the driver, you can say that the chances of survival for both driver and passenger in the fortwo is pretty bright.



Professor Rodolfo Schöneburg, Head of Vehicle Safety at Mercedes-Benz Cars says “The well-proven tridion cell forms the basis for the high crash safety of the new smart. It ensures efficient energy absorption in a frontal impact.To this end, the crumple zones of the new smart have been made as large as possible. Homogeneous application of force in the structure is achieved with several load paths”.


Find out more about the new smart fortwo here.




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