Do you have 800,000 pounds in your bank account? Looking for the best supercar ever created by the best boffins in UK since the McLaren F1? A big fan McLaren F1 team? If you all these ticked (maybe 2/3 isn’t that bad, but the first question is a must no matter what) then look no further on McLaren new’s supercar, the P1

The longly awaited successor of the legendary F1 is poised to be one of the greatest car McLaren has created. McLaren says the project has one simple goal: “To be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track. Think it like the MP4-12C’s bigger brother but with faster performance and advanced aerodynamics and you can imagine how the P1 will look.

Claimed to be powered by a 3.8L V8 engine capable of producing a manical 803HP. If that not enough, the KERS system which is based from their F1 car does produced additional 160HP. Which means this monster has a total output of a whopping 963HP. This will definery escalate the super car battle into the next level, in which very soon we will see supercars breaching 1000HP and above like nobody business.

Still the images as seen here are not the real production model but merely a “design study”. More official images should be revealed in the upcoming Paris Motorshow later this month.

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