Well, the original Nissan Juke, wasn’t much of a looker, or even a performer. But when some crazy Nissan engineers cut apart a fully functioning Nissan GT-R, and fuse it with a Nissan Juke. The result? The Nissan Juke-R. Mind you, the Juke-R, can be said as a GT-R, but in a cross over guise, because under the skin is the Nissan GT-R’s VQ38DETT 3.8L V6 power plant. Coupled with the ATTESA E-TS 4WD system, the Juke-R is indeed a performer. From an odd looking crossover no one bothers, into a 480HP super car killer madness. Sans the looks though.

What we have here, is a video of the Juke-R going against some of the GT-R competitors, namely the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mercedes SLS AMG in Dubai. So who is going to win? Find out in the video below, courtesy from Nissan UK!

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