After 39 years of evolution, the Honda Civic is now at its ninth generation. This 2012 9th-Generation Civic made its world premiere at New York’s auto show, showcasing the conventional Civic Sedan, Coupe, high-performance Civic Si Coupe and Sedan, Civic Hybrid, the natural gas version Civic GX and a new high fuel economy model Civic HF.



The basic Civic Sedan and Coupe models are powered by a 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine, generating 140 horsepower. With the same engine, Civic GX has only 110 HP while running on Natural Gas. The hybrid version produces 110 horsepower through it’s 1.5 liter engine, which can take the car almost 19 km in a liter of fuel. Meanwhile, the new Eco-friendly Civic HF can do about 17.5 km per liter. The high-performance Civic Si Coupe and Sedan have 201 horses in the hood, produced by the 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine. Prices starting from US$15,605.

I’m not sure about you, but I think, Honda’s design team did very little to this ninth-gen Civic. It looks like a car from yesterday, you get what I mean?

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