Proton X90 fire: grounding issue identified, all owners to be contacted for inspection

As a follow-up on its investigation on the Proton X90 that caught on fire in a recent viral video, Proton has announced that it has now identified the root cause of the issue, and will be conducting a product recall for the seven-seater SUV in order to rectify the issue if necessary.

In a statement published on its social media channels today, Proton says that an issue has been found regarding the grounding connection to the body of the X90 after a thorough investigation conducted by a team of product experts from both Proton and Geely. Due to its proximity to the sound proofing material, overheating or thermal incidents could happen when a continuous large current passes through the connecting area.

Proton and its vendors have already taken countermeasures in the production process to prevent the same issue from arising again. The company also reiterates that the mild hybrid battery was not the source of the incident, and reassures that customers’ safety is its top priority.

As a safety measure, the national carmaker – through its national network of 3S and 4S dealerships – will be contacting all owners of the Proton X90 individually to schedule an inspection for their vehicles. If required, remedial actions will also be taken by the service centres to eliminate any thermal risk.

Owners can also call their own preferred outlets to schedule an appointment, or contact Proton’s helpline at 1800-88-8398 for more information.


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