CATL’s new ShenXing EV battery recharges 400km in 10 minutes, has 700km range

Chinese EV battery goliath, CATL has just premiered “ShenXing”, its latest EV battery that is is claimed to be able to regain 400 km of range in just 10 minutes. CATL says that the ShenXing battery will be able to provide 700 km of range, although it is not specified what type of vehicle (size, weight, etc.) those numbers will be for.

According to CATL, the name ShenXing is an ancient Chinese phrase praising speed, and rightfully so as the battery can regain 400 km of range from a 10-minute charging session. Neither the capacity of the ShenXing battery nor its charging speed have been specified, but what we can say is that it takes 10 minutes to go from 20% state of charge (SOC) to 80% SOC.

Its fast-charging speed is not the only thing that the ShenXing EV battery boasts. It also provides 700 km of range which CATL says is comparable to conventional fuel-powered vehicles. CATL also assures that acceleration of an EV with the ShenXing battery remains unchanged at low temperatures.

The fast charging capability of the ShenXing battery works over a wide temperature range and it is claimed that its charging performance at low temperature is equal to its charging performance at high temperatures. Based on the presentation by CATL, it seems that a temperature of -10°C is not a problem for the charging performance of the ShenXing battery.

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ShenXing is the world’s first 4C superfast charging LFP battery. Part of the technology that it boasts includes super electronic network cathode technology, fast ion ring graphite technology, superconducting electrolyte, ultra-thin Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) film, and high porosity separator.

CATL says that the ShenXing battery will first be available in high-end electric vehicles, but the company aims to make the technology accessible to everyone with the help of collaboration from upstream and downstream partners. As CATL puts it, ShenXing is “a product for everyone, a battery available for every car”. CATL’s partners include Chery Automobile, Changan Auto, Neta Auto, Zeekr, and Great Wall Motor.

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