Building upon its success in providing digital solutions for auto parts distribution in China, Singapore-based Speedwork Autocare has set up shop in Malaysia to offer digital and offline solutions for all things vehicle maintenance.

As there is a huge gap between purchasing a car replacement part online and a place to properly install it, Speedwork Autocare’s aim is to bridge the gap between online purchasing to offline installation, without neglecting customer relationship management.

According to Speedwork Autocare, the platform serves as a one-stop centre for auto parts and vehicle maintenance services while connecting online consumers with workshop operators.

Aside from passenger cars, the sister company of Giti Tires, also provides the same set of services for motorcycles as well.

Once a service or product is purchased, Speedwork Autocare personnel will serve the customer through messaging or other means of communication.

“This allows for easy enquiry with a more personal touch which has helped in raising the confidence level of the consumer when they shop at our digital platform,” said Speedwork Networks, Director, Chris Bloor.

“There’s a lack of end-to-end digital ecosystems that provide a seamless online-to-offline vehicle maintenance experience,” he added.

To sweeten the deal, exclusive offers will only be available through Speedwork’s comprehensive network of workshops. Currently, Speedwork’s partners also include BonusLink, Touch ‘n Go and local bank, CIMB.

Aside from attracting customers, Speedwork Autocare is also looking to expand its ever-growing network of workshops.

“Our main challenge is to help our partner workshops and brand to see the benefits that they can gain from this platform while growing their businesses. We are providing a way to drive the online shopper to the participating workshops,” Bloor said.

Speedwork Autocare first started out in China back in 2017 and has been in Malaysia since the tail end of 2020. Aside from China and Malaysia, Bloor revealed that Speedwork also operates in Indonesia. He added that expansion to other Asian countries is also in the pipeline.

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