This Facebook page is a must-join if you like old cars!

Facebook groups and pages are treasure coves of quality content, none more so when it’s automotive related.

Once in awhile, you get page members sharing pictures like this!

Whether you’re into old cars, new cars, or just want to observe other owner’s new car experiences before you buy one yourself, there’s something for everyone.

Recently, we came across a group called “Kereta sebelum tahun 2000” that all enthusiasts of cars made before the year 2000 would want to join.

According to an article by The Vocket, the founders started the page out of interest for pre-2000 cars and wanted a platform for other similar enthusiasts to gather. And they’re not short of those.

As of this article, the “Kereta sebelum tahun 2000” has gained over 80,000 followers in just over a year. The group was formed in May 2020. Because of large following, the content posted is just incredible and diverse too.

There are pictures of abandoned cars, restored cars, old race cars, rare classics in random locations, personal stories with cars, 90’s JDM legends, an actual Ghost Busters car and other cars you never knew existed in Malaysia.

It’s just a buffet of owners sharing their project cars, their restored classics, their ownership experience with the odd picture of rare cars sighted on the road. For all of us who’ve been confined at home for the last 18 months, with no car gatherings or events to go to, this is a much welcomed source of entertainment.

Who wouldn’t check out other people’s nice cars? There’s no end to it either; there are countless postings per day!

Sourece: Kereta sebelum tahun 2000.


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