Video: What do Porsche & Subaru have in common? Boxer engines!

While most manufacturers have moved on to inline or v-shaped engines, two manufacturers have stuck on to the horizontally-opposed boxer formula – Porsche and Subaru

So what are the advantages of the Boxer engine that kept these two manufacturers sticking by the old recipe? Eu Jin explains in the video below.

The name of the Boxer engine originates from how boxing competitors touch gloves before their fight. With the pistons moving in opposing directions on a flat plane, Boxer engines have no unbalanced forces at all times, therefore resulting in lower vibration. 

Boxer engines are also known for their flat engine design, which contributed to creating the iconic shape of the Porsche 911 we all know and love. The low profile shape of the engine also allows for it to be mounted lower in the engine bay, giving the cars a lower centre of gravity which translates to better handling ability. 

While the Subaru Forester definitely isn’t a looker like the Porsche 911, the advantages from the boxer formula definitely translates well to the SUV. Do keep a look out for our full review on the Forester, coming soon! 


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