Volkswagen does minimalism right with the all-new VW Golf’s cockpit

You’d be forgiven if you quickly dismissed the eight-generation Volkswagen Golf as “just another Golf”, and that is mostly true, at least for the evolutionary exterior styling.

However, if you’ve never made it past the exterior, you’d be missing out on the completely revamped cockpit of the Golf 8. In case you missed it, Volkswagen has just released some additional information on the Digital Cockpit, so let’s dive in and see what’s new. 

Volkswagen says that the Golf will come with a “revolutionary” cockpit that is clearer, neater, and completely digitalised, and it is immediately evident with the generous usage of screens on the dashboard.

The Digital Cockpit – comprising of the instrument cluster, infotainment system, and multi-function steering wheel – forms the first functional level, in which virtually all displays and controls are digital. 

Although simplified, Volkswagen still promises quick and intuitive controls for all systems. Touch sliders are utilised for volume and temperature controls, while a touch island underneath the infotainment system provides direct access to additional air conditioning functions and assistance systems.

Positioned beside the instrument cluster on the other side of the wrap-around dashboard is a second touch island for the lights and vision (windscreen and rear window heating) functions.

The infotainment system can be upgraded to a 10-inch Discover Pro unit, along with an optional head-up display for critical driving information such as speed, and navigation information.

The simplification continues on to the centre console, where the old and bulky gear shifter is replaced by a significantly smaller shift-by-wire gear knob for the DSG models. 

Just like most latest-generation vehicles, the all-new Volkswagen Golf also features a natural voice control system that reacts to intuitive voice commands by saying “Hello Volkswagen”. 

Unlike most vehicles though, is the digital microphones, capable of locating the person who is speaking (driver or front passenger) and respond accordingly. For example, the voice control system can identify which zone’s temperature needs adjusting! 

The eight-generation Volkswagen Golf is also always connected. Individual driver settings such as seat position, exterior mirror settings, and even the ambient lighting can be saved in the cloud, and will still be available even with a change of vehicle. 

Connectivity to the cloud is enabled via an online connectivity unit (OCU) with an integrated eSIM, coming as standard on all models. The OCU is also used to interface with the We Connect online-based functions, allowing the car to be “upgraded” without heading back to a dealership. 


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