Digi is helping commercial vehicle owners to be safer drivers using telematics

In an effort to address rising concerns of road safety in the country, Digi has just launched the Digi Road Safety Programme 2019 to help small businesses promote safer driving behaviours among their commercial vehicle drivers.

Now, you might wonder what business a telecommunications company have with road safety, in reality, much more than you think. The Digi Road Safety Programme is an initiative where Digi will set up an RM10 million iFleet Transformation Fund where 1,000 SMEs will receive up to RM10,000 each in discounts to equip their fleet with modern fleet management technologies such as GPS tracking and cloud connectivity.

By tracking vehicle data such as location, speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, business owners and commercial vehicle drivers are able to make more informed decisions to be a safer road user. Participating SMEs will also receive a 15% discount off defensive driving training workshops and the top 10 safest drivers – based on the iFleet driving scores – will be rewarded with Digi prizes.

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan said, “We are proactively working to improve road safety with vehicle telematics and are now using our readily available competencies to start other companies on this journey.”

 “We strongly believe telematics is a practical tool that can uniquely address road safety concerns by creating a long- term safety mindset among commercial vehicle drivers, whose trustworthiness on our roads contributes significantly to the safety of other road users,” Rajan added.


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