As we’ve seen with the Geely Boyue, the Bin Yue, Jia Ji and the FY11 to name a few, the Chinese are at the very forefront of all things automotive technology development.

But they’ve taken a step further with this publicity stunt and landed themselves in the Guinness World Record books for the largest parade of autonomous cars.

A total of 55 Changan CS55 built by Changan Automobile formed a single-file convoy while travelling at 30 km/h over a distance of 3.2 km.

Each car was separated by no more than two car lengths and accompanied by a driver with strict instructions to not interfere with the car’s controls.

Reports claimed that there were initially 56 cars in the convoy, although one of them was disqualified when the driver took control of the car mid-way through the “autonomous run”.

To accomplish this attempt, Changan made some adjustments to the car’s sensors that detect the road lines and the position of the car in front. Each vehicle was capable of correctly positioning itself between the car in front and behind to within a few centimetres.

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Pan Eu Jin
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