The future is closer than you’d expect as production models of the BMW iNEXT is set to roll off the assembly line at Plant Dingolfing, Germany from 2021.

Celebrating its world premiere at the 2018 LA Motor Show, the BMW Vision iNEXT not only represents BMW’s vision into the future of personal mobility but also highlights the excitement of the brand’s future line-up of electric vehicles.

Not much was revealed at its unveiling, except that design cues were taken from the iX3 but offers X5 levels of space inside.

Notable features on the outside include cameras that replaces the conventional side mirrors, much like the new Lexus ES, and a front windscreen that merges with the panoramic roof.

At the back, the blue accents you see on the rear diffuser aren’t actually painted on but is illuminated instead, for a more dramatic effect. It’s said that when the car is introduced in 2021, BMW should offer it with Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities.

Aside from the suicide doors, the Vision iNEXT also comes with a very cool feature within the cabin. The rear seat upholstery can be used to control the features on the infotainment system – think of it as a touch pad on your laptop.

Simply move your fingers on the upholstery the same way you would with your laptop or even smartphone and you’d be able to control the volume of the music or even zoom into the visuals on the screen ahead.


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