The Internet can be a very informative yet quirky place to be – it’s vast, full of amusement and most of all, it’s a reliable source for endless entertainment. There’s just something for everyone!

Not sure if you’ve seen it but take this drag race for example, between what seems to be a Boondocker snowmobile with an output of just under 200 hp and a Ferrari F430 Spider packing around 490 hp and 465 Nm of torque – sure it’s a little dated but it isn’t any less entertaining.

If not for the Internet, the only kinda drag races we’ll get to see are between high-schoolers racing their Boon Siew EX5s on skinny tyres along Dataran Merdeka or some desolate street.

It must be ego-shattering for the owner of the F430 Spider, but it was the Prancing Horse which had the last laugh but only marginally, after a 488 Spider saved Ferrari some dignity.

Credit: NM 2255

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Pan Eu Jin
Regularly spend countless hours online looking at cars and parts I can't afford to buy. How a car makes you feel behind the wheel should be more important than the brand it represents - unless resale value is your thing.