Volkswagen has just previewed its next-generation interactive lighting technology that aims to improve visibility and vehicle-to-vehicle communication which ultimately boosts road safety for everyone.

Dubbed as the IQ. Light Matrix LED headlamps, it uses laser light and micro-pixel HD technology that projects information directly onto the road, alerting the driver as well as other road users of the obstacles ahead. This enables the Optical Lane Assist where the headlamps project a guided path for the driver, giving the precise information about the width of the car, the distance to the road lane markings and the curvature of the roads.

The IQ. Light Matrix LED technology is also applied to the taillamps where warnings such as when the vehicle is coming to a stop, reversing pathway and turn signal indicators are projected onto the floor. Alerting passer-by and other cars to be more aware of the vehicle’s pathway.

This technology is vital for autonomous vehicles of the future whereby it will allow driverless vehicles to communicate its intentions to other driver’s and road users, greatly improving road safety and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.


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Adrian Chia
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