Watch this Mercedes-Benz park itself with the “Automatic Valet Parking”

Die Technik im Auto setzt die von der intelligenten Parkhaus-Infrastruktur erhaltenen Befehle sicher in Fahrmanöver um und stoppt das Fahrzeug gegebenenfalls rechtzeitig. The vehicle’s onboard technology safely maneuvers the car in response to commands from the intelligent car park infrastructure.

Daimler and Bosch’s Automated Valet Parking joint project which debuted in the parking lot of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart in 2017, has now been premiered in Beijing.

It enables vehicles to proceed to an assigned space and for the user to retrieve the vehicle via their smartphone. It begins when the user parks the vehicle in a designated drop-off area before sending it to be parked using the smartphone app.

After being registered by the intelligent system installed in the car park, the vehicle is started and guided to an assigned parking space. Sensors installed in the car park monitor the driving corridor and its surroundings while steering the vehicle.

The vehicle’s on-board technology safely maneuvers it in response to commands from the intelligent car park infrastructure, stopping the vehicle in good time when necessary. When a user is ready to pick up the car, it can be called through a smartphone app, after which it rolls to the pick-up area without a driver.

Car parks equipped with the Automated Valet Parking can potentially accommodate up to 20 percent more vehicles while users save time and enjoy greater convenience.


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