McLaren is hinting at the arrival of the 570LT with this single image

McLaren has released an image on its Facebook page that points at the imminent arrival of the 570LT, the more hardcore version of the 570S that’s part of McLaren’s entry-level Sports Series.

It shows the unmistakable rear end of the 570S but with more aggressive aesthetic enhancements and more notably, the lack of an exhaust by the corner of the rear bumper.

Notice the difference in the rear bumper design and absence of the exhaust?

Could it come with a top-exit exhaust? There’s no word on it just yet but expect it to be revealed real soon, according to Autocar which reported that the car was complete and merely awaiting an appropriate time for it premiere.

Said to posses in excess of 600 hp, expect it to undergo significant weight reduction and aerodynamic enhancement – much like the 675LT from the Super Series model.


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