Mark Webber, former professional race car driver and current Porsche Works Driver is not shy to present himself in front of the camera. Previously did a walk-around of the 911.2 GT3 RS and more recently appeared on the same screen with Maria Sharapova piloting a 911 GT2 RS.

In his latest stint, the 41-year-old Australian got behind the wheel of the upcoming Porsche Mission E, Stuttgart’s upcoming all-electric four-door saloon. The pre-production Mission E sets off in complete silence onto Porsche’s Weissach test track and here is what Webber has to say about the brand’s first ever all-electric vehicle.

Scheduled for production floors in 2019 – 2020, the Mission E takes the shape of a four-door saloon, although just by looking at the rear profile, it’s better described as a stretched out 911. The four-seater is said to pack 600 hp with drive deployed on all four wheels.

Commenting on his first test drive experience, Webber said: “I’m a bit of an old-school kind of guy and I love nothing more than to drive so I don’t mind admitting I had some reservations. I thought that the Mission E could feel a little heavy but the driving experience is seriously dynamic: the four-wheel steering, the performance and the braking ability were a really amazing experience.”

Webber also added that the Mission E at times reminded him of the Porsche 919 Hybrid Le Mans race car as the race car can at times be driven in pure electric mode. “It’s a game changer, this car. Quite literally, it is stealth in motion.” he added.


Mark Webber Mission E Test Drive

Porsche Mission E Concept

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