Who says you need loads of power and cash to drift? These guys in Japan are proving everyone completely wrong by simply using stock standard, FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE Daihatsu Miras; better known as the Perodua Kelisa for us in Malaysia.

Usually, the first ingredient to drifting is a car with rear-wheel drive but these guys seem to have restricted themselves to just “kei cars” costing less than USD 300 (approx. RM 1.1k). The secret to it? Tyres wrapped in PVC pipes.

As you can see from the video, it’s not your usual drift scene. There’s no tyre-squealing and certainly no loud engines screaming. Yet, they seem to be having a ball of fun on an immensely low budget.

Not only that, low speeds are all you need to drift these things as the footage shows that the driver was initiating a drift at only 40 km/h! This is as the back has zero grip, so all you need to focus on is to have as much fun as possible while maintaining the drift and make sure the car doesn’t spun out.

Now why haven’t anyone of us done that here?