This is the most bizarre motorsport pile-up we’ve seen in a long while

Last weekend saw the most unbelievable crash we’ve ever seen in awhile at the Macau Grand Prix as it held the FIA GT World Cup featuring GT3-spec cars.

The pile-up happened during the first lap, yes during the first of the 12-lap qualification race on Saturday. Of the 20 cars in the race, only four cars escaped the carnage to carry on with the 18-lap race the following day.

As you can see in the highlight footage, it all started when a Mercedes-AMG GT3 in fourth place slammed into the wall of the “Policeman bend” of the 6.2 km Guia circuit. A similar Mercedes behind it just managed to escaped the stalled racecar with a slight brush on its side but the rest of the line up weren’t so lucky.

Sparked by a Porsche 911 GT3 R driven by the reigning FIA GT World Cup champion, it rear-ended the stalled Mercedes-AMG GT3, the multi-million dollar pile up took place at one of the tightest bends of the circuit, leaving no room for the rest of the pack to maneuver through but to slam into the back of each other. Only two cars at the back of the grid managed to escape without any damage – and fortunately not one soul sustained injuries.

Image credit: YouTube


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