A 911 GT3 with Mobil 1 engine oil vs Vloggers – who will survive?

Porsche has recently put their 991 GT3 RS to the test in extreme temperatures of negative 20-degrees celcius and 40-degrees celcius with 50% humidity in collaboration with Mobil 1 on the operating temperatures of its engine oil.

Three vloggers, from UK, Germany and Russia were invited to be part of this challenge with one of Porsche’s most extreme road-going vehicle. As you can see in the video, in temperatures below freezing point, the Porsche’s exterior is draped in a veneer with ice along with the interior trims like the door handles and seat which have frozen up.

Despite so, as Shmee150 demonstrated, the engine still fires up to life without any hesitation with the signature rumble of the boxer. Mobil 1 claims that the engine oil can operate in low temperatures up to negative 40-degrees while its touch sensitive display still shows no sign of lag or delay when browsing through it.

In the later bit of the test, temperatures were hiked up to the other extreme end at 40-degrees celcius with 50% humidity. The human test subjects may have thrown in the towel very early on but Mobil 1 claims that its engine oil is capable of operating at up to 240-degrees celcius.


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