Never been seen footages – Sultan of Brunei’s car collection

What would you do if you were the ruler of one of the richest nations on earth and just so happened to be a huge petrolhead as well? Well you’d have the largest collection of exotic cars known to man.

Despite being a tiny nation, no bigger than the state of Negeri Sembilan, it’s no secret that the tiny nation of Brunei is one the wealthiest in the world with crude oil and natural gas accounting for a large chunk of its income. Since the death of the Thai King, the Sultan reigned supreme as the richest monarch in the world.

It’s also no secret that its Prime Minister and also Sultan, the Yang Di-Pertuan Hassanal Bolkiah is a massive car enthusiasts – you’d probably guess where this is going. Recently,, a portal known for all things super/hypercars, shared a video made up of a compilation of pictures actually taken from the Sultan’s garage during a private preview.

As explained by Taffy Sastrawiguna, the saint who provided these pictures, “It was a miracle that those pictures were not lost after 16 years, the printed photos survived and were in an album but the negatives did not”.

Apparently, a friend of his was miraculously given the exclusive permission to take these pictures during his stay in Brunei. Unfortunately time was limited and there were more than 3000 cars in the main garage alone. Just imagine the size of that compound! Limited to only TWO ROLLS of film, he had to overlook other sections of the garage.

Looking at the video the Sultan seemed to even have a few of the same cars, just in different colours! Amongst the cars, as listed by includes a few Ferrari F50’s (RHD), McLaren F1, Pininfarina Venice Cabriolet, a few Jaguar XJ220’s, Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversario, an ultra rare Ferrari FX, Bugatti EB110 SS, McLaren F1 LM, Tokyo Ueno Clinic, and the rarest McLaren of them all, the F1 GT also known as the “Longtail”.

In hindsight, feels kinda nostalgic thinking back on how we used to take our pictures doesn’t it? Glad those days are over though; we’ll happily stick to carrying “little chips with oversized capacities” instead rolls of films.


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