Volkswagen announces exclusive trade-in programme for Jetta and Passat

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is kicking off the year with an attractive trade-in programme for the facelifted Jetta and all-new Passat B8 which allows existing and non-Volkswagen owners to trade in their current vehicles at an attractive deal when purchasing either these vehicles. This trade-in programme runs till 31 March 2017.

A quick check with the local Volkswagen dealership revealed that VPCM will offer additional rebate on the Jetta and Passat, on top of the value of the car that is being traded in. Owners who trade in their Volkswagen vehicles will enjoy higher rebates compared to vehicles of other brands, but the dealer ensures that the trade in prices are equally as attractive. Be sure to enquire at your local dealership for more details of the trade-in programme.

This programme is valid for vehicles with a minimum six-month ownership from the car’s registration date and it would be subjected to inspection and valuation by each authorised dealerships. The dealers have all the rights to accept the traded vehicle or not.

With prices of the Jetta and Passat beginning at RM108,990 and RM159,990 respectively (not forgetting the 5-Year manufacturer warranty), the trade in programme certainly gives another reason to replace that ageing car with a brand new one. If you’re not convinced, check out what we think of the Jetta Highline and Passat B8 and find out if this is the car for you.


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