TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy opens doors to a unique racing experience

Within exactly 48 days at the new TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy, drivers of all levels, regardless of experience (or lack thereof), will be able to immerse themselves in the expansive realm of motorsports. Yes, just eight weeks spent within the confines of this impressive facility will give you an edge over your peers at the track.

To briefly introduce the duo, TOC Automotive College (TOC) is one of the country’s earliest automotive education institute, whereas Aylezo is a formidable homegrown race team that’s gained international recognition through their involvement in many motorsports series. Together, they formed the TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy that sits on 8-acres of land in 3StonePark, Glenmarie.

The Racing Academy is equipped with a cafe, restaurant, gym, an elaborately designed go-kart track (just shy of 1km long), spa, recreational space with pool tables and foosball, as well as hobby stores that sell RC cars. The 8-week long course costs just RM9,500 (RM8,500 for TOC students) – which is rather affordable considering the breadth of knowledge you’ll be taking with you – and grants you full access to the aforementioned facilities, including several classrooms for theoretical learning and a full-fledge racing simulator. These motion-enabled simulators cost RM150,000 a pop, and is fully imported from Australia. Yup, these guys do more than just take you for a spin in their four-stroke 250cc go-kart.

TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy has five intakes annually, beginning in February, April, July, August and November. The only thing you need to sign up is a valid driving license and/or basic knowledge of cars and motorsports. Every single student will be coached and instructed by established professional drivers. Below is a brief rundown on the course:

  1. Learning the fundamentals of proper seating positions and how to brake.
  2. Learn how to properly modulate the accelerator and manage field of view
  3. Improve fitness levels and race a full week on the go-kart track
  4. Learn the performance aspects of a car setup and mods to personalise your ride
  5. Get on the RM150k racing simulator and experience every single circuit around the world
  6. Time Attack! Just how much have you improved in just 48 days?

So, if you’ve got a valid driver’s license and can think of no better way to spend RM9,500, we highly recommend signing up to learn driving from the pros themselves. If you also plan to turn your go-fast hobby into a money-generating career, perhaps this platform would lay down the stepping stones to your personal success down the road. Otherwise, simply drop by their facility to have a blast around their go-kart track, and more!2016 TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy Launch -

We at would like to congratulate TOC Automotive College and Aylezo on the joint venture to promote motorsports at the grassroots level. Thanks for the insightful tour and amazing hospitality, guys!



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