One-of-a-kind Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50 made to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday

To celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of independence, the country’s official Prancing Horse importer Ital Auto has commissioned a bespoke Ferrari F12berlinetta through Ferrari’s Tailor Made vehicle customisation program.

Aptly named the F12berlinetta SG50 Edition, the 6.3-litre V12 stallion is decked out in the nation’s flag colours both inside and out. There’s no visible alteration to the external panels, but they’re finished in a special shade of red called Rosso Singapore. Meanwhile, Bianco Italia is used on the wheels and stripes on the body as well as the skirting all around the car.2015-Ferrari-F12berlinetta-SG50-003

No mention on whether there was any modifications done to the engine, but even if the engine was left untouched, the 6,262 cc naturally-aspirated V12 powerplant is already giving out at least 730 hp and 690 Nm of torque, redlining at a hair-raising 8,700 rpm. It will shred any 100 metre stretch in Singapore from standstill in just 3.1 seconds, although achieving its claimed top speed of 340km/h will prove to be quite a challenge.

The cabin also receives the red and white theme on the trim panels and seats. Wrapped in black leather and technical fabrics, the seats also feature the Singaporean lion emblem on the headrests. Marking the exclusivity of this model is the “Singapore 50th Anniversary Edition 1/1” plaques on the door sills and on the steering wheel.2015-Ferrari-F12berlinetta-SG50-004

Whether or not the one-off Super-GT has been sold remains in the dark. As for its price, well, let’s just expect a healthy bump over its base SGD 1,500,000 asking price for the regular F12 Berlinetta.



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