BMW shines at 2015 CES with their M4 Concept Iconic Lights, entering production soon

BMW showcased the latest development of their Laserlight technology at the ongoing 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) in Las Vegas, fitted to an M4 Coupe. While Laserlight is already available as an option on the i8 hybrid supercar, the ones fitted to this M4 have been further developed and is cleverer than before. Not only that, the headlights graphics is an evolution to the trademark twin round corona rings and subtly hints at how future BMW headlights will look like.

BMW Laser Light Headlamp (8)


One of the many benefits of using laser is that it consumes 30 percent less energy than conventional lights. The Laserlight works by directing the rays from the high-performance diodes onto a phosphor plate via a special optical system, converting “coherent” monochromatic blue laser light into harmless white light. The result is a very bright white light that is closer to natural daylight, with a beam range of up to 600 metres.

Drivers will be able to leave the high beam on at all times without worrying about dazzling oncoming drivers with the help of a camera-based BMW Selective Beam system. In total darkness, the Dynamic Light Spot will detect pedestrians and in turn notify their presence to the driver. The pedestrians are detected via an infrared camera that works up to 100 metres.

BMW Laser Light Demo (3)

BMW also presented the clever (ahem) “narrow clearance” lighting, where it calculates if the path ahead to determine if it is narrower than the vehicle. If it’s not wide enough, the driver will be warned that it’s not safe (or possible) to proceed. How’s that for total assurance when you need to overtake a slower vehicle in narrow roads!

Apart from that, the Laserlight is equipped with the Adaptive Headlight control system that works in tandem with the navigation system to illuminate corners even before the steering wheel is turned.

BMW Laser Light Tail lamps (2)


The taillights are not left out too, as they now employ BMW’s Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) technology. They measure just 1.4 mm thick and consume considerably less power, which paves the way for slimmer and funkier taillights design with cool light animation.

BMW mentioned that the OLED technology will be introduced on a production model sometime in the near future. Will it be on the upcoming 7-Series limo? We shall see.




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