Lamborghini has unveiled its first SUV, the Lamborghini Urus Concept. While Lamborghini insisted to call it a concept, the Urus certainly doesn’t look like one. It looks production-ready and certainly sexy! The Urus (if it hits production) will go head-to-head with Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover Range Rover Sport as three of them are performance SUVs, and the BMW X6 crossover.
For your info, the name ‘Urus’ came from an extincted Spanish breed of bull, and is pronounced as “Oo-rooss”. The design of the Urus thrills everyone, stimulating an imagination where the Urus is a raging bull, ready to rush forward and conquer any tarmac it encounters. While the Urus doesn’t have as many angular lines as the Aventador, the former has bold and sharp lines so that it look rugged and fast at the same time. Not sure about its offroad ability though, but hope that it fairs as well as the Cayenne.

Lamborghini gives the Urus a 600bhp engine with permanent 4WD, while offering best-in-class CO2 emission figure among its competitors as the Urus is a ‘family car’. Well, one advice for the kids, “buckle up!”.

Since the Urus is a said to be a family car, it is a 4-seater with reasonable rear headroom albeit the sloping roofline and a versatile luggage compartment to handle the weekend grocery trips! Lamborghini’s obsession in reducing weight makes its way to the cabin, where carbon fibre structure made from Forged Composite is used in the bucket seats and other components.

The Lamborghini Urus, although is a concept for now, should be hitting the road in the future. So guys, get your cowboy hat and a red cloth ready!

Simon Har

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