If you are in US and own a 2-month-old or younger 2011 Honda Civic, you may want to keep your car on all 4 wheels. American Honda Motor has issued a recall of over 18,000 units of 2011 Civic, due to possible fault in the fuel pump module inside the fuel tank.

It is reported that the roll-over valve (ROV) inside certain fuel pump modules may have been damaged during production. In the event of a rollover accident, this valve prevents gasoline from leaking out from the top of the tank through the openings intended for the evaporative system and fuel pump itself.

Honda is carrying out this voluntary recall to encourage all owners of affected vehicles to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer to get it fixed. Notification to customers will begin in mid-April 2011.

So if you do own a 2011 Civic in the States, find out more at www.recalls.honda.com or call (800) 999-1009, and selecting option 4. Just dont’ roll it before you get it fixed.

[SOURCE: American Honda Motor]