Brembo has unveiled Greentive, its latest brake discs that come with a mirror-like finish on its surface. Aside from exuding “elegance and personality” according to Brembo, the mirror-like finish actually has performance benefits.

The new Brembo Greentive (which is a portmanteau of ‘green’ and ‘distinctive’) discs feature a new layer of coating on its ring surface, using something called High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) technology that actually reduces environmental impact.

The tungsten carbide coating gives the brake discs higher strength and a high melting point, which reduces wear on the discs, and results in a longer life cycle for the rotors. The smoother surface also reduces brake dusts, keeping your shiny wheels cleaner for longer.

The new coating is also significantly more resistant to corrosion, which is particularly useful for electric cars, as their physical braking equipment is used less thanks to regenerative braking on the electric motors. According to the Brembo’s own introduction video, the new Greentive brake discs is supposedly designed to last 150,000 km.

The snazzy shiny surface is accentuated by the Brembo logo, which doubles as a wear indicator to let you know when it’s time to replace the rotors – not like you’ll be doing that often anyway. The new Greentive disc brakes are available in all Brembo brake disc styles, including solid, Lightweight, Dual Cast and two-piece floating discs. 

Aside from the Greentive brake discs, Brembo also announced the new Enesys (Energy Saving System) brake spring technology, designed to diminish the brake residual torque.

By ensuring that the brake pads return to their initial position as soon as the brake pedal is released, the Enesys brake springs limits brake pad and disc wear, reduce emissions, while also guaranteeing an overall increase in performance of a vehicle by reducing the contact between the brake pads and discs when the brakes are not in use.

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