If you’re drowsy from lunch, this Shelby GT350 will get you back up!

1,348 whp (around 1,500 hp on engine with E85 or race fuel) sure changes a lot about a car. In the case of this Shelby GT350, that power turns it into an absolutely merciless beast!

The car has been given the “1200R Twin Turbo” package treatment that comes with an extensive list of upgrades; significantly bumping up its stock output of just 526 hp and 429 Nm.

They include a custom, hand-built stainless steel exhaust system, oversized ball bearing turbochargers, high-flow injectors, forged engine components and even a carbon fibre driveshaft, to name a few.

The result is a nine second car in the quarter mile (400m) run that Dominic Toretto will approve. On 93 Octane fuel, the GT350 makes around 884 hp.

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In case you’re wondering, this pony to stallion transformation will cost approximately USD71,999 (approx RM294k).


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