Two days ago on Monday, an emergency respondent personnel (Facebook username Mohd Azul) uploaded a video onto his personal Facebook account of his ordeal when trying to get to an accident scene on the Elite Highway. At the time of writing, the video had 810k views and 12,770 shares.

In the video, we can clearly see inconsiderate motorists hogging the emergency lane and making poor road safety judgements that saw precious time being wasted when the ambulance was rushing to the accident scene.

We can’t stress enough that the emergency lane is meant for emergencies only. According to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), motorists who use the emergency lane other than the following: stalled vehicles, police duty, rescue works and ambulances, are all chargeable under the Road Transport Act 1987.

As seen in the video, there were moments where these ignorant motorists (presumably frantic by then) tried to force their way out of the emergency lane, only to realise that their efforts were futile. As the ambulance got closer to the scene, keh-poh onlookers took their sweet time ‘documenting’ the accident, causing further unnecessary delay.

During this Raya festive season, when you come to a crawl on the freeway, please make the better call and stay clear of the emergency lane, please. For all you know, someone’s life might depend on it. Be safe, be patient and be considerate when sharing the highway.

We at would like to wish all our Muslim readers a Selamat Hari Raya.