The Stig from Top Gear is very well known. He started off as a black Stig, but after his identity was compromised, the Top Gear team replaced black Stig with a white Stig. And what we have here is Lego’s interpretation of the current Stig. I’ve gotten my hands on this Stig during the recent KLIMS for RM20.  DSC_1999

As a proof authenticity, the Lego Stig has his own tag. It looks quite similar to the tag that the Top Gear UK magazine offered back in 2012 for the UK folks.

Okay, so for starters, he is very much like how all the other Lego characters are. Same dimensions and all. And like the real Stig, his identity is unknown. His helmet cannot be removed from his face. But how will the Stig fare with his Lego cars?


As you can see, the Stig has no trouble getting into this drag racer. In fact, he does seem pretty happy to be inside there (You can’t see him smile though).


What about something other than a race car, you may ask. Well, it seems like the Stig copes pretty well with a beach buggy too! All that’s missing is just a nice seaside with some female Stigs accompanying him.


What’s this? The Stig even knows how to manoeuvre a forklift! Not sure what is he doing with that poor unidentified driver though. Any idea?


But not everything is a bed of roses though. I have a few Lego Ferraris, and boy was the Stig disappointed. He was expecting to hoon the FXX around, but his sheer size wouldn’t permit that from happening.

In a rare footage, the Stig was caught doing this.


What? The Stig pushing a barrel of gas? I wonder who is it for. Perhaps it’s his supply of drinks?


And so it seems. The Stig can be seen here sipping his drink. The Stig is a happy man indeed!




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