The ever popular Toyota Harrier has been around about 16 years for 2 generations, and Toyota Motor Corporation is about to launch its 3rd generation high-end crossover SUV. This all-new Harrier will debut in Japan on December 2, and its hybrid brother is scheduled to launch on January 15 next year.


We can all agree, this new generation Harrier it looks fantastic! All the new headlights, curves and interior are simply gorgeous. However, there is a massive change on its powertrain, massive, massive change. The current generation Harrier in Malaysia runs on 2.4, 3.0 and 3.5-liter V6 engines. Now, Toyota has dropped all of them, and gone for its newly developed 2.0-liter Valvematic (3ZR-FAE) engine. Yes. Correct. Confirmed. No joke. No details on it’s performance spec as yet.

It does seem like Toyota is being biased in dishing out the powetrain to these newborns as the hybrid brother gets a more powerful 2.5-liter engine (2AR-FXE ) and with a hybrid system of course.

The Japanese automaker is proud to announce that both hybrid and petrol engine (2WD) models exceed MLIT’s 2015 fuel economy standards by at least 20 percent. All Harrier models are eligible for reduced carbon emission taxes in Japan as they are 75 percent lower than the set standard. Well, we all know why the downsize now.

Enjoy the images below, as we may all need to wait for a bit before it decides to land on Malaysian shores.










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