Caterham is an iconic British marque that’s well known for its DNA in fun road legal track car. After being taken over by our very own Tan Sri Tony Fernandes in 2011, it quickly got involved in the Formula One under the name of Caterham F1 Team. Now, Caterham Group has expanded into two-wheelers and launched Caterham Bikes; their first ever motorcycle division.


Brutus 750

The new division has introduced three prototype, Brutus 750, Classic E-Bike and Carbon E-Bike. The biggest of them all Brutus 750 is described as the “SUV of motorcycles”. It’s able to work on the street, off-road machine and even on snow! As for Classic E-Bike, it’s not actually a real motorcycle. According to Caterham, it carries uniquely retro styling reminiscing the golden age of British motorcycling. The rider doesn’t need to have a licence in the EU. So basically, it’s a bicycle. Speaking of which, the third prototype is Carbon E-Bike, a premium bike inspired by F1 technology and dressed in carbon fiber.


Classic E-Bike


Carbon E-Bike

Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun, Co-Chairman of Caterham Group, said “Taking Caterham into the motorcycle business has been a key objective since day one of Caterham Group. We are realistic and honest enough to know that we’re not in the business of rivalling the establishment; we’re here to offer an alternative that befits the spirit of Caterham. Caterham Bikes’ products will be aimed at a niche audience seeking exceptional quality, bespoke design flare and bikes easy enough for anyone to ride.”

With Caterham’s DNA in two wheels, we certainly look forward to these bikes going into production.  Bikers out there, what do you think? For more inforomation, visit

caterham-classic-e-bike-02-1 caterham-classic-e-bike-03-1

caterham-carbom-e-bike-02-1 caterham-carbon-e-bike-01-1