Mercedes has gone on a rampage to redesign all the classes under its marque. First, it was the gorgeous looking A-Class, then the elegant E-Class and now the brand new C-Class. We’ve found a set of leaked images of the brand new generation of C-Class.


This new C-Class is set to debut at the Detroit motorshow in coming January, however these images first appear in a Spanish site. The new generation model will fit in the market going against premium rivals like the AUdi A4 and the BMW 3-Series with a new lineup of four, six and eight-cylinder engines and various hybrid options. For a start, it is 100kg lighter than its predecessor and will have the lowest fuel consumption in its class.



Codenamed W205, it is said to be the baby S-Class as it inherits cabin designs from its big brother. A simplified new C-class cabin is created with lots of new features. Head-up display is available for the first time in a C-class and a new touchpad and screen for the command control system is in this sleek interior. The front passenger seat can now detect if a child seat placed on it. The car’s on-board computer will automatically disable the front passenger airbag if the child seat is there. Once the child seat is removed, the airbag is turned back on again.


C-class-leak2 C-class-leak3

Mercedes says, getting out of a old C-class into the new one feels like an upgrade from an economy class seat to business class in an aeroplane. Well, we shall see in 2014.

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