This 203 kph GTR Switzer Performance could be the fastest in the world [+Video]

It appears that tuners from all around the globe are claiming the bragging rights to create the fastest godzilla in the world. It looks like that bragging rights could have been won by the folks of Switzer Performance.

What they have come out was an insane 1800HP GTR that created havoc in the recent Moscow Unlimited standing mile drag race. The Nissan VR38 engine with extensively modifued with factory bore/stroke dimensions, upgraded turbos, and Switzer’s own “MONSTER” intercoolers, and finally a special Switzer/Syvecs developed SGTR ECU. The best part is the car has been running for almost five years without any reliability issues. The top speed? This GTR can hit mind boggling 402kmh!

That being said, this looks like the world’s fastest GTR for quite some time. Here the video for your enjoyment.


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