The 2013 MotoGP season has been intensified with the tight battle between Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo and Honda’s wonder rookie, Marc Marquez. On the recently concluded race in Philip Island, Australia, both riders rode like there no tomorrow in order to clinch the world championship. Philip Island is a beautiful track near the sea and produces one of the most spectacular motorcycle races in MotoGP. Here we show what supposed to be a spectacular view of a seagull flying off with the bike on the background which has ended, rather, tragically for the bird.

Oh no, fly little bird, FLY!

It was during Saturday’s qualifying session and Yamaha’s Lorenzo needs to do everything to qualified on top. A few seagulls were on the track when Lorenzo were blazing into a corner. While initially the seagull flew off with Lorenzo’s bike on background may look like a candidate for picture of the year, somehow things go wrong when the seagull’s wing caught into Lorenzo’s bike, dragging the bird in the process. That stayed for a few laps until Lorenzo decided to pit having noticed his bike was gone slightly slower. The pit crew removed the poor bird, which is sadly unlikely to survive the whole ordeal.

Ops, too late….

Despite that, Lorenzo qualified on top and became the record holder for Philip Island, beating the lap times set by Australian favorite, Casey Stoner. He also ended up winning the rather controversial MotoGP race. Hit the video and the gif as below while we mourn that poor seagull.

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