The Angry Birds game franchise has evolved from a simple yet complex game of shooting down the evil pigs into various sequels, which includes some movie tie ins. Now Rovio, the makers of the game has announce a new installment for the ever popular franchise, and this time our favourite birds are going racing in karts in Angry Birds Go!

Similarly with the ever popular Mario Kart, gamers will choose their favorite characters from the franchise and racing with each other with unique karts. Sticking with the familiar Angry Birds formula,a sling will be used to launch the karts into a unique downhill race. Gamers can collect bonuses during the race that can be used to defeat their opponents or increase the performance of their rides. Along the way karts can be upgraded to improve performance and perhaps more weapons to blow their rivals.

Angry Birds Go! will be available as a free download on December 11 and it will be available in mobile devices including IOS and Android platforms. Check out the game trailer as below

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