There was a horrifying road bully incident in New York, United States last week where a a group of bikers were caught intimidating a Range Rover driver and his family and the video spread like wild fire on the Internet. What happened was the Range Rover, driven by a man named Alexian Lian with his wife and a young child met a convoy of motorcyclist when it was believed the Range Rover caught with a fender bender incident with a motorcycle.

The frighten Range Rover driver escapes from a swamp of intimidating bikers

The biker gang chased the Range Rover

Finally the bikers stormed into the Range Rover to attack the driver

When one motorcyclist approached the SUV driver surrounded by a herd of bikers, Alexian got scared and intimidated and fearing the safety of his family, he spurned off and knocked down a number of motorcycles on stationary. That leads to the group of bikers chasing him into a highway. As shown on the frightening video below, one biker jumps off from his bike and attempted to open the SUV’s door but the SUV sped off, knocking another bike in the process. Until when the car was fully stationary, the bikers smashes the driver’s window and the rear window until the video abruptly ends.

It is know that the group of bikers took the law into their own hands by attacking Alexian, leaving him with injuries in his face and body, while his wife and child escaped unhurt. The incident infuriated net citizens worldwide and even made into headline news. The following day, the police arrested the biker who provoked the incident. There’s also reports that another biker, who was knocked down by the SUV, is in the hospital coma with his spine injuries, meaning he will be unable to walk again. As for now the police are still investigating and more arrest on the biker gang are expected.

The injured biker who is now paralyzed

The whole “shit hits the fan” incident is another example of what went wrong, went wrong but it is fortunate it ended with no lost of lives.

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