I have to say the most anticipated movie of 2013 for me was not Fast and Furious 6 or even Iron Man 3, it was Rush. There has been never a proper movie about auto racing and Sylvester Stallone’s disastrous attempt “Driven” has put auto racing movies in a level it can’t recover for a decade. Until attempts by a British Independent funded group with the helm of great American director, Ron Howard (his previous notable works including Apollo 13,the Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon), and award winning British screen writer Peter Morgan,has suddenly gave an idea that a proper racing movie can be done. A void that haven’t been filled since the last proper racing movies like Grand Prix and Le Mans from a few decades ago. With strong leads like Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl there is nothing can go wrong on what perhaps the first proper Formula One movie right now. Rest assured, it is not only the best racing/sports movie ever, but one of the best I seen in many years. No doubt it can score a few Oscar nominations next year. The story centralizes the true story on the rivalry between two of F1’s greatest talents on the 70st, James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) during the 1976 Formula One session, dubbed one of the classics in F1 history. It was in the era where technology was non existent and mortality was surreal (with average 2 drivers died in F1 per year during that era). James Hunt was unlike any F1 drivers of today, as his metaphor of “work hard, play harder” means he is the wildest F1 driver ever known. His notorious acts including sleeping with over hundreds of woman, drinking,smoking, and taking drugs which is unheard on any modern robotic F1 drivers, but yet he is one of the best F1 drivers from the UK that time, with his charismatic charms creates many fans worldwide. On the other front,Austrian Niki Lauda could have been a early role model for modern F1 champions like Michael Schumacher. Like the German, the great Austrian has high levels of discipline, analytical, perfectionist and demands precision in all aspects, something that was never seen on other F1 drivers back then. While I not going to spoilt much and best to refrain yourself from Wikipedia prior watching this, perhaps the main central of this movie is the word “rivalry” between these two F1 greats with contradicting personalities. What is brilliant is this movie will make you root for no one, as the movie balances the highs and lows between these two men. In fact the movie has succeed as a sports drama on how these two protagonist outlive their rivals and overcoming personal demons rather than showcasing the F1 racing action of those days. Rest assured the racing scenes on important scenes, such as Lauda’s horrific crash in German Grand Prix and the dramatic finale race in Japan, will satisfy those looking for racing action scenes, and the brilliant cinematography adds virtual enhancement to the experience. Chris Hemsworth does shines as his portrayal as the playboy and charismatic Hunt was convincing. But the show stealer is perhaps Daniel Bruhl’s near perfect portrayal as Niki Lauda, and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor should surface. On the entire 2 hours until the credits roll it does successfully provide some adrenaline “rush” on its viewers, making you astonished on the tale of rivalry between these two men, with the experience made more efficacious with another masterpiece from Hans Zimmer’s score. Reviews has been very positive world wide with current score of 87% in Rotten Tomatoes with the universal praise on Daniel Bruhl portrayal of Niki Lauda, including from the man himself who is currently a non Exec Chairman of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team and founder of 2 airlines. Many F1 fans claimed this is the best racing movie ever made to complement Senna, a brilliant documentary back in 2010. You may not necessary understand or watches F1 to enjoy this movie, but you will watch to been enraptured on how a rivalry between two individuals pushes themselves into different heights.