It is always tempting for a teenage son to take the keys of his folk’s car the moment they are away for a vacation. It would be fine if the parent’s car is just a mild passenger car. However the case here involves a very rich family, and it ended up on a very low note.

It appears that some rich parents from Pennsylvania, United States, decides to go for a vacation, leaving their idiotic son behind. So the kid decides to take his dad’s Audi R8 V10 for a joyride. Without proper driver’s training or perhaps a driver’s license ended up the kid lost control of the R8 and collided into a truck.

The collision damaged both front corners of the supercar, resulting in a very expensive and painful repair bills for the father. While the son suffered from no injuries, he may be grounded for life. Or a big smack on his butt from his dad.

[SOURCE: Car Throttle]

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