For those who are older enough will recall some of Proton’s TV advertisements in Malaysia, the one that caught my mind is the first generation of Proton Saga TV advert featuring a catchy jingle with some computer effects from Tron. One of my personal favorites is the brilliant but underrated Proton Gen2 CPS TV advert which is their response to Honda’a amazing “The Cog” TV advert.

Proton cars are remain questionable in terms of quality but after having seen the Proton Persona advert from Australia, we can feel that our Proton TV adverts in Malaysia is a much better state and quality. This Proton Persona advert from 2012, features Miss Australia 2012 Scherri-Lee Biggs. The advert seems was made by amateurs and sounded a lot corny, something like you seen in poorly made pornos. The later point make more sense when you watch the way she shifts gear too. She likes sticks manually as well.

Hit the video here and tell us what you think. Could this be the worst Proton TV advert made?