A video can be ambiguous for interpretation. Take a look at the ending of Christopher Nolan’s Inception and you may argue the variable endings for months. In this case here, shows some van drivers with a GoPro onboard camera on the car was driving on an highway somewhere in the Klang Valley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the beginning of the video it seems like a dull routine drive on a highway with a classic Chinese tune playing on the radio.

What amazing here is on minute 1.30 onwards where hundreds meters from the van a car either went stationary and a few cars engaged on emergency braking. The White Proton Saga which is in front of the van by hundreds of meter away, skillfully dodged and avoided the car on the front, a Proton Wira aeroback, which has either slowed down or stationary. What’s intriguing here is the the van driver which were 3-4 cars distance behind the action caught unfazed and rammed into the poor Proton Wira. The collision was massive that the back screen of the Wira was disengaged out of the car, unbroken amazingly.

Amusing enough the dazed and confused Chinese man from the van then came out from the car and inspect the his vehicle first rather than checking if the driver of the Proton Wira is fine. Well enough say, hit the video below to see the action.

But from what I see here, here are my 10 interpretations from we can see in this video.

1. The van driver must be either day dreaming of something else.
2. The van driver must have playing angry birds or checking his Facebook update on his phone before the collision
3. The van driver must have fallen asleep due to that chinese song
4. That chinese song is at fault here for making drivers to doze off hence it must be banned to prevent accidents
5. GoPro videos should provide more crash entertainment in the coming months.
6. The Proton Wira has a hidden safety feature of disengage the back screen in case of collission on the back.
7. Tow trucks must have love that spot
8. The van driver is a dumbass
9. The driver of the white Saga is skillful.
10. Well, at least nobody is injured or ended up in body bags!

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