Blast from the Past: Top Secret Supra [+Video]

For our latest entry of Blast from the Past, we explore a classic video came from the 90’s, featuring a renowned JDM supercar that gained notoriety on the UK. The Toyota Supra, tuned by Top Secret is undoubtedly one of the legendary icons of the JDM world.

The Top Secret Toyota Supra is the legendary Top Secret founder Kazuhiko ‘Smokey’ Nagata, which gained its reputation for smoking the rear tyre with a 900HP engine on stationary before blasting off at an blistering 300 KMH. So he flew to the UK with his gold Supra, did the similar act in the UK, which did not impress the “Bobbies”. Then the cops thrown Smokey to jail and eventually got this Japanese man and his gold machine deported. However today Smokey still in Top Secret, crafting more tuned JDM goodies including the GTR.

Regardless, this stuff of legends will be fondly remembered over the year on how special this insane gold Supra is. Hit the video below to find out.


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