Red Bull has been on a bull run in the world of motor sports as seen recently. From paying top money to fund top talents in motorcycle racing, rallies, GT racing and even owned two F1 teams. Showing their appeal to those hip and sporting crowd, the energy drinks company from Austria sponsors a few lucky talents in the world of drifting. The result is these two amazing videos we shared here.

Mike Whiddett, more commonly known as Mad Mike, is one unique drifting talent from New Zealand with his trademark custom quad-rotor 750 HP Mazda RX-7. New Zealand is in fact a beautiful country with breathtaking scenic vistas and Mad Mike displays what is best from his country via hooning his RX-7.

The next one which is the most recent one showcase the drifting talents of two nations, Italian driver Federico Sceriffo and James Tang from Hong Kong, showing display of rubber smoking side ways action in the 99 corner Tianmenshan Mountain, China. Hit the video below to find out.

The fact is Red Bull does give these drifters wings, side way style perhaps. Not bad for a drinks company huh?

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