A 11 year old boy in Malaysia has succumbed to cancer 11 days after he got his final wish, to be ridden in a Ferrari. Muhammad Sirajuddin Mohd Zaini, also known as Siraj, was diagnosed with bone cancer last year.

Knowing that he does not have many days to live, the boy has expressed his desire to be ridden in a Ferrari through the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia. That plight was answered by the founder of Empire Group, Datuk Sean Y.T Ng, and Siraj gets to ride of his life on Sean’s Ferrari 599. Siraj who appeared weak due to his cancer was bought back to joy when he was given a 15 minute ride with Sean on the wheels, together with escort from police outriders. After the joyride ends, the boy gave a thumbs up while the witnessing crowd clapped their hands to witness this special event.

“I’m thrilled as my wish finally came true. It was even more exciting as we were escorted by the traffic police. I felt really special,” he said.

While he has gone now, his 15 minutes on a Italian Supercar as part of his bucket list fulfilled is something petrol heads will feel touched. In fact not all of us have such moment and this special kid does. Our condolences to the family and friends of this special kid.

[SOURCE: The Star]

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