It appears that one of 2013’s most anticipated car model launch, the Proton Preve hatchback, will be given a new name and will not follow the Preve name afterall. The new C segment hatchback, will be named as Suprima, which is derived from the word “Supreme”. This act was rather surprising consider many expects Proton, via new management from DRB-Hicom; will continue to use the Preve.

According to unconfirmed sources, the new management in Proton were not fond with the “Preve” name as many found the name is harder to pronounce. Also some believed the current management from DRB-Hicom is trying to rid off any legacy from the previous Proton management. There are unconfirmed rumors that many engineers from the original Preve team has left Proton to seek greener pastures.

Regardless, that is not a bad move, consider Volkswagen named their C segment hatchback and saloon with different names, such as the Golf and Jetta for many years despite belonging to the same platform. However, one remains to be seen the true meaning of the S, does this indicate this is a sports model? Also will the new Suprima finally gets the long awaited 6 speed manual gearbox from Getrag?

Pictures on the new Proton’s model has been surfaced in many web sources and the car will be officially launched sometime in October 2013.


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