We have to admit, we have to take our hats off to a dedicated few who can turn a normal car into an exotic replica of a supercar. For this case, it is otherwise.

What you can see here is someone has turned a what supposed to be an undesirable car into another undesirable Ferrari. It was a Lexus SC430 convertible that has been turned into a Ferrari California. These cars are usually meant for those rich people with poor taste for cars and will be cruising mostly on city roads for show off purposes. But the good things are, similarly like the real California, this has a 4.3-litre V8, it’s mated to an automatic gearbox, and rear view drive, just like the California. It also has an automated powered folding hardtop just as that Ferrari.

However from the looks, it looked like a half done nip tuck job, and the exterior look is disproportional from some angles. What’s worse is, if you’ve watched last year’s Top Gear DVD release, this car is based on what is the worst car in the world. Perhaps one word to sum up this car, ugly.

You can actually own the automotive equivalent of Quasimodo on Ebay for 34,000 pounds. For that money can be well spent for plenty of used Porsche in the UK. You must be ludicrous to buy this over plenty of other options.

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