Does everyone have sweet memories of falling in love when you are in high school? Perhaps both sides will exchange love via love letters, mix tapes, ice creams, and perhaps flowers. However the case we’re sharing here is a little far fetched for this 14 year old girl in China.

Wang Fang, the 14 year old lass from Zhengzhou, Henan in China is so in love with her boyfriend of three months, that she took her own money to buy a car. Not your random toy model car, but in fact an Audi A4. She walked into a nearby Audi dealership in Zhengzhou with her life savings of 380,000 yuan ($61,976). It was told that her boyfriend will break up with her if she didn’t buy him the car.

So the Audi salesman was stumped upon this young girl and called the authorities, fearing that she would be cheated by her man. In fact the dealership warned other car dealers of that area, putting this girl on the blacklist. Then police realized that Wang Fang ran off from her school and her parent’s haven’t seen her for years, but supported her financially by providing her 30,000-40,000 yuan annually to her bank account.

Not sure what will happen to the couple, but when a man says he will bring a star or a moon to her, a woman will go an extra mile by spending all her savings to buy him an Audi A4.


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